Founder’s Drinks by e27

I came back from a short extra-leg business trip to KL and was asking on Hackers and Painters Facebook page if any interesting local events that I shouldn’t miss. This was one of the events recommended there and also highlighted on the newsletter from its organizer e27, the event organizer for startups mainly in South East Asia.

クアラルンプールへの出張から帰ってきて、FacebookのHackers and Paintersでシンガポールにいる間に絶対行った方がいいイベントを聞いたところ、こちらのFounder’s Drinksを紹介されました。e27はおもに東南アジアで起業家・投資家向けのイベントを主催している会社です。echelonという年次イベントが一番有名で、東京でもTokyo Satelliteとして2013年はイベントを主催していました。

Founder's Drinks by e27

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Great Meetups at JFDI.Asia Open House

I have just been back from 1-week business trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I had a great meeting with people down there, and I would like to introduce how much exciting things happening there in this entrepreneurship / startup space.


JFDI.Asia Open House

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Event Report: PyCon APAC 2013


Ryo in action: many of my friends and my wife asked me what I was doing with “Python thing” and here is the one. This is the lightning talk (Python term for the elevator pitch) and closing that I was doing MC.

大勢の友人に、「ぱいそんで何かやっている」と言われていたイベントのビデオです。いっぱい、いっぱいになりながらも一生懸命司会しています!来年も東京でPyCon JPがあるので興味がある方は連絡くださ〜い v(o_o)v

Also lots other of more professional talks than my MC can be found on the PyCon JP Youtube Channel. 他にもいろいろと面白いプレゼンテーションは公式Youtubeチャネルからご覧頂けます。

I have learnt a lot on how to work in more agile way. This was officially my first time working experience on volunteer basis, and, due to that nature, everyone in the group carry out things in the way they believe the best. That was eye-opening experience to someone from enterprise world (the “suits people” they label). To those who used to work with me at UBS and want to complain to me about my inclination to Confluence, we are outdated. The people here is now using the next generation tool (ahhh, this phrase  sounds so outdated itself) of Sphinx with BitBucket. If you are one of those people and have not heard of these, please check out the links.

そして初めてのボランティア体験。ボランティアなので金銭の報酬はない訳ですが、経験やネットワーキングという無形の報酬があったり、PyCon Singaporeに経費で出張させていただいたりなど、2月に東京に来て誰も知らない状況だった僕にとっては、得難いものを頂きました。あと運営で使っているうちに手になじんできた、Sphinxやチケットベースの課題管理も新鮮でした。UBSの時は一生懸命Confluenceを社内で売り込んでもイマイチだったからな、、、チケットはJIRAがあったけど、あくまでMicrosoft Projectのプロジェクトプランやマイルストーンありきだったし。彼らがそう呼ぶ「スーツ組」の方たちにも見ていただきたいね。(耳が痛い・・)

PyCon Singapore 2013 Report

# 日本語はこちらのCodeZineに掲載されています。For Japanese please visit this site. CodeZine | PyCon Singapore 2013 参加レポート

What is PyCon Singapore?
Python Conference (PyCon) is a series of community-based conference where Pythonistas gathers and exchange updates and experience on various topics related to Python programming language. Singapore has been hosting PyCon APAC, PyCon to represent the region until 2012 when Singapore handed over to Tokyo the 2013 event.


PyCon Singapore 2013 Details

  • Official Site:
  • Date: June 13th to 15th, 2013
  • Sessions: Two session tracks with a keynote presentation. All in English.
  • Fees: Early bird – S$150, Standard – S$200, At the Door – S$250
  • Venue: Republic Polytechnic, Singapore
  • Participants: about 150 participants


Singapore boasts for its diverse culture, so is its PyCon. Besides the majority of local participants, there were many participants who are originally from other countries. You see many Malaysian, Indonesian, and some from Americas and Europe who live and work there. There are a few flying in from other countries – including me from Japan. The diversity does not mean only their home countries and ethnic groups, but also language. All session tracks are in English, of course – which you find quite unusual in other Asian cities. Participants are speaking in their own languages among themselves during break, but if they see you non-local swinging by, they will immediately switch to English for you. I appreciated this very much during my visit after knowing how lonely it would be to get lost in translation in overseas conference.
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Created Japanese Blog Tag

I realized that there are certain things that I want to express in English and some others in Japanese. I’ve been writing stuffs primarily in English so far. I want to express more about Japan where I live currently to the rest of the world. Unfortunately I don’t write well in other language (if anybody can help, just ping me).

I’m hoping that the newly created Japanese language tag will allow reader audience conveniently switch to the language you prefer – English and Japanese or both.