Brainstorming of the Issues

I need to think of the issues that are big enough to give up my corporate career and spend the rest of my life. Here are some ideas after quick 5 minutes brainstorming:

  1. Fill the gap between rich and poor economies in more sustainable manner.
  2. Push the working style of freelancer as opposed to the corporate citizen in big organization.
  3. Run business without manager.
  4. Disrupt existing professions by introducing game changing service, e.g. professional photographers, publishing, etc.
  5. Connect science, arts and technology.
  6. Crossover between linguistics x data mining x literary creation
  7. General match making with extensible data structure
  8. Experimental application of Big Table
  9. Cataloguing everything
  10. Analyze chess pgn data statistics

I should continue more of these…

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