Deeply into C language

My first attempt to develop iOS application ended up deeply in the maze of C languages. I quickly passed through tutorials of using Xcode, its storyboard, simulator, etc… finished all the fun part. Now I’m hitting the wall of C language.

iOS is written in Objective-C, which is variant of C language by Apple. My experience in Java, Ruby, Python, etc.. is not helping me here at all. I KNEW it by concept, but still can’t get to the bottom of how I should write in C platform.

To make things even more challenging for the newbie programmer, I am supposed to cover quite vast genre of knowledge to make one app. In order to manage data and global variable I need to understand C and Objective-C’s manner. For Arrays and its enumeration, it’s quite different from those scripting language. Data saving demanded me to know where to save in iOS device. Ahhh. Now O’Reilly books opened up on my desk…

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