Entrepreneur Cross talk LIVE!vol.2 via ETIC.

I attended Entrepreneur Cross talk LIVE!vol.2 organized by ETIC., Japanese NPO who’s working on entrepreneurship space. There were three guest speakers, all three are woman entrepreneurs as the session’s theme is “New work style for women.”

I think the theme is reflecting Japanese culture very much that there are fewer women in full-time employment and not to mention entrepreneurship. It is interesting to know, however, that all of them think that being woman is not disadvantage or not feeling at all, or even enjoying extra opportunity being woman. This is very encouraging news for those women who attended the session, and I believe that should be the way.

Here are some my takeaways from three guest speakers:

Nanako Ishido // CANVAS

  • The group is working on helping kids to learn creativity. It aims to counter-act the trend people do not enjoy learning/studying during their childhood.
  • The presentation also highlighted the declining academic competitiveness of Japanese children against those in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.
  • While I lived in those cities, I observed the more competitive environment for kids than Japan – pre-school, after-school, home tutoring, parent’s aid on kids homework, etc.. I am personally not sure if the program really helps children to improve in the academic results.
  • I agree it’s a good thing to do and more fun for kids, but not sure if kids has ever such luxury in the more competitive environment when they grow up.

Natsuko Shiraki // HASUNA

  • Producing and selling ethical jewellery. The business started from her personal experience in India where she saw the outcast working in mine.
  • I found this interesting as being ethical itself is another appeal to consumers. Consumers are tired of the items being just nice, but they now needs more stories behind.
  • She herself works as an icon for those women in the same interest. I think that also helps the sales of products, like I buy a Mac.

Yumino Takeuchi // ADDS

  • The project working on connecting students part-times and the family with autistic kids.
  • I was just too ignorant about the autism and I do not have anyone who’s suffering from it. I am surprised to know that there are quite a large number of people suffering.
  • I felt her talks having the most personal touch, and she’s talking straight. It is most convincing to me why she is doing this and why she needs to do. I quite like the way it’s been conveyed.

Overall, I enjoyed this well. I was looking for a role model and peers that who’s working on something not only for money or themselves. I think it will take me a while more to arrive at the stage, but it’s definitely one way to go. I am still putting myself as the center of interest, but one day when people needs something more (like people are getting tired of something just nice) this will be the mode of life.

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