Founder’s Drinks by e27

I came back from a short extra-leg business trip to KL and was asking on Hackers and Painters Facebook page if any interesting local events that I shouldn’t miss. This was one of the events recommended there and also highlighted on the newsletter from its organizer e27, the event organizer for startups mainly in South East Asia.

クアラルンプールへの出張から帰ってきて、FacebookのHackers and Paintersでシンガポールにいる間に絶対行った方がいいイベントを聞いたところ、こちらのFounder’s Drinksを紹介されました。e27はおもに東南アジアで起業家・投資家向けのイベントを主催している会社です。echelonという年次イベントが一番有名で、東京でもTokyo Satelliteとして2013年はイベントを主催していました。

Founder's Drinks by e27

Founder’s Drinks by e27

What It Is? // They invite a speaker, and the first half is the presentation (the picture above) and the second half is networking. The setup is casual bar setup, and it is easy for new comers to mingle with regulars. The ticket fee of 10 SGD includes one free drink, so it is super good deal even you are too shy to talk to other people.

The speaker that night was from Facebook, and he talked about how ads works at Facebook. The audience is a mix of entrepreneurs and marketing team at companies.


Where It Was? // It is at heart of Singapore – Bugis+. It used to be called as Illuma before renovation. The bar is on the same floor with cinema.



How It Was? // I think that feedback to the presentation part really depends on your interests. I am personally not so convinced by the speaker on how Facebook is good at advertisement at that night. I keep asking myself how Facebook can do better at online ads than Google Ads. I asked the question during Q&A session. The answer was “anything”, but I wasn’t convinced by his explanation. People come to Facebook to update his status and catch up with friends, not looking for something which people do on Google.

I was expecting an answer like ads reaching out to people’s hidden needs. Google Ads are effective only when people know what they want. Facebook has lots of demographic and relationship/behavioral information that can be data-mined for ads that bring about his subconscious needs. For instance, if I stopped posting about saxophone for many years on Facebook timeline, that’s a good time for Facebook to put ads to tell me “do you want to sell your under-used saxophone?” Google can’t do such unless I searched with the keyword.

Anyway, besides the presentation part, the networking was interesting too. The crowds are more mixed than the JFDI.Asia where most of the participants are entrepreneurs or those working for startups. I met freelance corporate banker, media team at company, wanna-be startups but still in corporate among many others at this e27 event. If someone is not full-throttled into entrepreneurship, this type of event may be the first stop to check if this is what he likes to do.

プレゼンテーションへの評価は個人の興味によるかもしれません。個人的にはFacebookの広告戦略のプレゼンは説得力がなかったです。プレゼンを聞いてる間ずっと、「Facebook広告がGoogle Adsより優位な点」をずっと考えていて、Q&Aで広告担当の方に直接質問しました。答えは、「どの分野でもFacebookのほうが有利」だったのですが、私にはあまり説得力があるとは思えませんでした。Facebookは友人とコミュニケーションしたりステータスアップデートをする場所であって、何かを探しにくるようなGoogleとは根本的に違うと思います。



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