Great Meetups at JFDI.Asia Open House

I have just been back from 1-week business trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I had a great meeting with people down there, and I would like to introduce how much exciting things happening there in this entrepreneurship / startup space.


JFDI.Asia Open House

JFDI.Asia Open House

What It Is? // JFDI.Asia (@jfdiasia) is a Singapore-based incubator and they host a weekly open house event where you meet other like-minded and enjoy drinks/cheese. The people I met there are either entrepreneurs on their own or those who work for startups.

JFDI.Asia (@jfdiasia) はシンガポールにある起業養成プログラムを運営している会社です。毎週金曜日に、プログラムに所属している起業家やビジター(僕もそうです)などを招いてパーティしています。

Where It Is? // This was the first time visiting industrial park. I am East Coast boy and had spent most of my time when I used to live in Singapore on East side – more particularly at East Coast Park. It is my first time getting off at One North MRT station, and it’s more than 1 hr trip from my lodge at East. I see the sign of INSEAD campus down here, so I guess here is a kind of remote campus town and startups field.

It was a tropical down pour when I went out from MRT station, and was waiting there for good 15 minutes before it became a normal rain. I arrived at the venue half an hour late, 6:30. This was my first visit to enter this kind of industrial building so I was just amazed by their gigantic elevators and bare-born walls and floors. I am not sure if there’s such thing in Japan (I know there’s one in HK that I also used to live).

初めてです、こういう工業地区に来たのは。シンガポールに住んでいた時は、家はEast Coastという空港のある側にすんでいたし、勤めていた投資銀行はオフィス街にあったので、こちらの地区はあまり縁がありませんでした。地下鉄のOne North駅で降りると、外は土砂降りです。シンガポールではよくあることです。15分ぐらいスタバで待って小振りになってから向かいました。


How It Was? // When I opened the door, yes this is what I was looking for! Many chatters and smell of cheese/wine, everyone talking to everyone else. Being shy is sin.

Chats, Wines, Cheese

I grabbed a glass of red wine and started talking to a guy standing next to me who does big data business. He travelled from Korea to seek for business opportunities in Singapore. I also had good chat with a team of Tap Talents. I was new to this incubator thing, so they explained how the program works, renting a space in this JFDI.Asia’s program, what are other units like in this building (the building where JFDI.Asia resides), etc.. Two of them, while they working for the mobile learning platform, they are also working on social music mobile apps. I like the way they do – nothing stopping them from working on other interests.

I had a plane to catch (and the last-minute shopping at Changi Airport), so I had to run after spending just 2 hours there, but this is definitely a must-visit place on my next trip to Singapore.


とりあえず隣に立っていた韓国から来てたBig Dataビジネスの人といろいろと話しました。ソリューションを持っていて、クライアントに営業しているんだそうです。Big DataはちゃんとしたROIを示せると売れると思うですけど・・ 一昔前のCRMと同じで、コンセプトは流行ってはいるけれど、クライアントにとってはなかなか優先度Aのプロジェクトにはなり得ないです。いろいろとBig Dataビジネスに関してアイデアを交換して別れました。そのあとはTap Talentsというモバイル学習プラットフォームを提供しているチームと話していました。すっごく親切な人たちで、こういう起業家養成プログラムが初めてだった僕にいろいろと説明してくれました。今90日間の養成プログラムの真っ最中で、今度投資家の前でピッチがあるんだそうです。


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