Japan’s e-Gov Service is So Backward

I just realized that there are a few more documents that I need to submit for my company registration. Due to the vertical government services, I need to declare my company registration to 1) Tax Authority, 2) local Tax Admin Office and 3) local Ward Office. I understand that those 3 offices serve the different matters, but their forms of declaration are almost identical, but need to fill in manually since it’s in the specific format.

I was glad when I found the link that “you can also submit the form via e-Tax…”. Yes, that’s the thing I was looking for post dot-com bubble era. Seconds later in the transferred site, that I need to purchase IC-card reader on my own with Jyuki-Net Card (or Residence Registration Card) that not everyone has. Tsk, tsk, tsk… as a firm believer that technology can make our life easier, this is not the right solution. I just gave it up and resorted to the manual handwriting forms… maa fan!

I also got a letter from Singapore to my home in Japan that I haven’t completed my health declaration for CPF (Singapore’s pension fund scheme). It included a hard-copy form but they suggested to login their government website with SingPass (the single sign-on system) – and of course you don’t need card reader or whatsoever!

Dear mr. Prime Minister, if you have time and budget to build Jyuki Net Card that nobody uses, can you just make the website as friendly as such smaller counterpart could build? Also, I won’t call the card reader things as e-Service. It could have been cool if it’s built 10 years ago, but not now sir.

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