Learning how to make a web design concept

I just started working on my first mini project of Bibs today. I just dove into Django and stated coding but ended up lost in the design I want for the web service. I stepped back a few steps here and started learning how to make a web design concept (or some call it as web design comp).

There seem to be the two schools: Illustrator and Photoshop. Fireworks used to be one of them but kind of dropped out from the league after Adobe added slicing and save-for-web features to its Illustrator and Photoshop.¬†Illustrator seems to be my preference as it offers more flexibility in design and typography which I care about. Photoshop seemed to be the easy to start but not sure how bitmap ended up in design a “page” whatever it is hard copy or web.

I browsed around YouTube and Lynda.com and realized the depth of Illustrator… ouch, so am I going to learn all these from managing color palette to slicing web design concept into parts. That seems to be a loooong way!

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