Life of maid worker ~ A movie of “Ilo Ilo (爸妈不在家)”

I got a chance to watch this on my flight back from Singapore. Since my Python friend mentioned this film, I had been looking for a chance during my stay in Singapore. This turned out to be very good material to learn more about life in Singapore and relationship with maid worker. I like these films featuring local cultures and lives. They are Juliet in Love (朱麗葉與梁山伯) for Hong Kong and this for Singapore.

Its Wikipedia entry summarizes the storyline very well and there are lots of reviews posted online. The movie depicts both host family’s life with maid worker and her own life. I found it intriguing to see things from her point of view. It’s new to me. Lucky plaza, unemployed husband back home, leaving baby behind in someone else’s hands, being sent back home at airport.. the pieces of scenery I used to see/hear on the streets of Singapore come together as one picture. Good movie.


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