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I used to use Things ever since but until Apple released the new in Mountain Lion. I also switched from my old MacBook Pro to the new Retina’s, I was trying my luck if I can happier with the new built-in tool. My answer: Things is still the best for me.

Reminders is originally iOS app that has been available in iPhone and iPad, and it has migrated to Mac OS since Mountain Lion.



  • Seamless synch with Apple’s iCloud and Notification Center. This is just so amazing and whatever you are typing or voice entering into iPhone will appear on other devices.
  • Its beautiful look and minima GUI is soothing down your stress managing To Do lists. The color tone is tamed down and there’s a nice paper texture background on reminder. I rather want this quality background for Notes app too!
  • Well, to be honest, that’s all I could think of as pros.. and here’s Cons.


  • Lack of viewing items across Lists. While on Mac you can still select multiple lists (by selecting Command + Click or Shift + Click) the items from multiple selected lists will appear on right pane. On iPhone, there’s no way. I was busy swiping list left and right to check.
  • No remind me from X-days before due feature. Reminders allows you to set due date, but no such remind me 5 days before my wife’s anniversary so that I have enough time to prepare. You can work this around to set the actual due x-days earlier, it’s not really really a due date yet. This lack of the feature simply kills Today view as I can’t trust that capturing the all I need to look at.

Things is one of those Getting Things Done application, so it’s rather major league level software. I tried other task/time management method such as First Things First by Steven R. Covey, and since then the approach to manage a day with context and role is my favorite.




  • It’s pro-league app, and it has all the features you can think of: inbox, projects, contexts/role, tagging, sorting, earlier reminder (that I complained for Reminders), etc..
  • Cloud Syncing became also available from version 2 now. This was the biggest cons for me as I need to cable-sync every time I updated items. This was so pre-historic era thing that reminds me of the time I used to sync my Palm Pilot with Desktop PC.


  • While no complains on feature, I still prefers the Reminder’s design by Apple. It soothes me down by making me feel like working on the real paper with ink. The futuristic and typical Web 2.0 style look and GUI of Things are not so much of my taste.
  • Integration with Mac OSX is another worry – while there are some options in Things to integrate with Reminders, then why don’t I use Reminders? I also need to buy Things separately for iOS while Reminders are available out of box on every iOS and Mac device. Hm..
  • Price is also another thing as I needed to buy separately. Reminders comes with OS. Things is at premium price of US$49.99 for Mac.

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