Ride: Morikoro Park (ex- Aichi World Expo site)

I endeavored to my first attempt to Morikoro Park which is at the previous World Expo site. According to Route Lab, it’s about 14km away from home. I cycled down via Hirabari, and head North until I hit the main rod that runs West-East. I turned to right and head for East to the site. The temperature felt warmer than the day before. I wore 3 layers – long sleeve compression tights, half-sleeve heat tech T-shirts, and summer cycling jersey on top of them. For bottom I wore long tights and summer half cycling shorts. They felt just good throughout the ride.

I arrived at the park after 9:30. I aimed at getting there at 9am but lost on my way. I stopped a few times to check the route. There were a few groups already –  2 other road cyclist, and one group of 7~8 kids. The course is with beautiful views and autumn leaves. You cycling through the rains of falling yellow maple leaves. Magnificent. The 5.1km for a loop is just good, and it takes me 10 mins for a loop. The only thing is that you have to stop at the start/end gate and get off from bike every time. The staff told me it’s for safety, but I guess it’s too much when I don’t see anyone around.. Anyway. It’s free of charge, so I can’t complain too much.

Here’s also a nice video on YouTube for the course.

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