Run: 10km Running in Tokyo

After 2 weeks moving to Tokyo, I’m still looking for a stable daily routine, and I think it’s started settling down from this week. I’ve got minimum of everything I need (i.e. heater, curtain, lighting, cooking ware, etc..). A part of such daily routine includes my running path.

Obviously the pace I can push in a new route is not as much as in the familiar route – unless you got a good friend familiar with the area like Jack in almost all Singapore roads. Here I don’t have him, so I need to figure it out myself. Such a pain and time for me to grow up..

I’ve searched a potential routes in Route Lab (in Japanese) hosted by Yahoo!, and this route becomes my new 10km route.

There are a few possible stops at lights but the route has variety of conditions like stairs, unpaved path along river side, windy condition sometime along river especially on the way back, slippery tiles when wet, etc.. Perhaps the stops at light can help me on stop and go. Also the there’s a flat 1km part in its beginning after 1km warm up, so I can use the same route for interval training.

The road is usually empty and spacious along river side. Seldom see other runners. I guess it’s just because I’m running during weird time – noon before lunch.

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