Switching from Google Reader to Feedly

July 1st is not only the last day of freedom of speech in HK with its handover to P.R.C, but also of my beloved Google Reader. It took me more than a week before I settled down with the new tool and feed manager.

RSS Reader Switch

Looking at all discussions prior to the X-day, Feedly seemed the best option to manage RSS feeds. I tested it with the export data from Google Reader via Takeout. it just works well. The real question is with its clients on OSX and iOS.

I used to use Reeder for both OSX and iOS, and they are sweet. They have consistent interface between the two, and they synced just so well between each other via Google Reader. Reeder announced that OSX app will not be able to make it for the July 1st, and it will not connect to other RSS feed manager than Google Reader. Omg.. my refugee life started from there until now I temporarily settled down on Feedly web app. Hm.. it’s fine, but I want native OSX app that I can switch apps with Alt + Tab shortcut key.

iOS app is relatively smooth transition. Reeder iOS apps supports the third-party RSS manager, e.g. Feedly Cloud. I just switched the source of Reeder iOS app from Google Reader to Feedly cloud. Sweet.

I still wish to use the native OSX app and with consistent interface. Feedly iOS app has its known bug that I can’t still login. Once it’s resolved, I will give it a try if that’s good to use.

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