Things’ Integration with Siri & Reminders

I wrote about Things vs a while ago. Besides the unbeatable fact that integrates with Mac OS so well, Things does the better job for my use, and that was the conviction last time.

Just to note my usage on those todo managers are:

  • One-off reminder that don’t need my attention – book a restaurant table
  • A set of todo items that will achieve my overall goal – list of things I need to do for my company registration
  • Routine reminder that I don’t want to remember all the time – call up credit card company to ensure that they waive my annual fee charge

I’m running everyday with todos coming from various lists stated above, and lack of functionality in to view items across lists simply doesn’t meet my expectation. Therefore, Things wins, and it hasn’t changed since then.

Cultured Code, the developer of Things, released its integration with Siri & Reminder. This adds another point to Things app. Now I can add reminders via Siri without typing on small iPhone keyboard. I love this! Especially when I wearing gloves, I don’t have to take it off to type on touch screen. Now I can just hold the physical Home button and just speak to Siri. Yay!

The only last thing I like about is its design. I like the texture of good quality paper.. Hm.. this is too much to ask?

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