Thoughts about Freelance Consulting

Now on my way back from Tokyo to Nagoya via Shinkansen. After three and half weeks of consultant life, I’m mentally high and physically exhausted. It had been almost 4 years since I left from the consulting job when I joined a bank. In the project team, there are 4 in my worksteam including myself, 2 and 1 in other two workstreams. It’s a small and cozy strategic project.

It was such a fortunate for me to find this freelance consulting job. My friend at the management consulting firm was flying back to Japan, and trying to turn around a project that was deep in trouble in its delivery phase.

I first thought that it’d be kind of side tracking as I want to do business on web. The other thing bothering me was that it’s a quick and certain cash from the consulting job that I used to do since I graduated. I thought I gave farewell to the life, and starting a new life, no? Should I take this tempting offer – get cash (the cash is always alluring) by doing something I know (it’s a comfort zone for me). I was just afraid that I fell over to the easy path of doing the same to make living. I know that I’m weak.

So far, the outcome is positive. Receiving positive feedbacks from the team and clients. I think I’m helping on what they expected out of me. So minimum hurdle is cleared. The next is: what am I doing this for my long-term plan.

Surprisingly and more than I could expect at all, it turned out to be all good. One thing is that I met quite a few of people in this Tokyo stay.

The biggest win is that I reconnected with the consulting firm’s team. I found that there is a niche market that they need ad-hoc support for specific expertise that I can help.

I also met the client’s team in Japanese securities industry. I realized that how small the industry is, and I knew that they somehow know my contacts, and my contacts know someone else among them. It’s just so easy to talk in the language we use.

I also met two of the like-minded people. She was also thinking to do some independent work. She’s having free life style that she does what she likes and is good at. Nothing just to make living. The other is my ex-colleague’s husband. He’s also starting his own consulting firm and doing well. The fact that there are those people is pushing me forward.

I haven’t really thought of setting up a company in any short time, but it looks like it makes sense for me to set up one to start what I can do. I’ll continue working on web thing, but in the meantime, it’s worthwhile to do some real thing. Let me discuss that more in the next posting.

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