Many of the professionals are still organized in the form of company. The company, while it has the advantages in terms of central pooling of funding, talents, infrastructure, etc… there are some drawbacks to maintain significant amount of admin & management effort to keep it going.


The best practice of corporates trampling through business world is no longer valid. The employees are consumed much for admin, and the people managers who do not necessarily the expert in the subject rule the company. I see the problem that ownership of the business is taken away from those motivated (the do-er) and given to someone who is not really engaged (the manager).


How can we solve this?


If there are more marketplace that showcases what’s in demand, the do-ers are willing to take a risk to get out from corporate world. The movement of free agent is happening at smaller company level, but I would like to see that happening at individuals level. You don’t have to be managed by someone else who does not know how to appreciate what you are doing.
This can lead to the individual level outsourced from company. It can be done offshore. This will give $ to the one who deserves at the cost of less $ to those who just manage someone else’s work in company.

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