Workflow to Customize 3rd Party Django Apps

While I’m delighted with the interface of TimelineJS and its implementation with Django platform, I need to add a few custom fields in order to meet my Prayer project. The project requires start and end times not only their dates and also a foreign key in Event model to my custom model so that I can relate events with their organizer.

After a few trying here and there, I made up my mind to go for all the way. This is my first experience to fork and customize the third party apps.

Here’s the workflow to customize the 3rd party apps with my research on web.

Django 3rd Party App Customization Workflow

  1. Fork the 3rd party apps – simply click “Fork” button on the third party apps to create your separate repository.
  2. Clone it on your local machine– type
  3. Add the cloned to your local repository – moved to the cloned directory and hit

     to add the local files to local directory.
  4. Modify files according to your requirement
  5. Commit the changes
  6. Push the local commit to remote repository – type

    that’ll bring the locally committed changes to GitHub.
  7. Done! – you may check the local changes can be found on remote GitHub server.
  8. Install from GitHub to your local machine .

    It’s slightly different from the #2 to git clone. You need additional “git+”. So in my case it should be:

    Otherwise the command will fail as the error of “Cannot unpack file”

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